3 Month Coaching Program

Ready to achieve your goals either personal or professional, then 3 months of full support is a great way to go.
We work together one step at a time!

Online support
 Weekly SMS Support
6 x 1 hour coaching sessions over the 3 months
We can work out multiple ways to deliver the 6 hours that suits everyone.
If suitable we can meet in person.
You will create change in your personal or business life in 3 months!


Coaching over phone or video
Online support and check ins

Starting date



3 months



Coaching hours

6 hours plus check ins


includes GST

Why should I take this course?


Business Goals

Personal Goals


3 Months of coaching and support will empower you to achieve your business goals. Whether you are looking to change jobs, or grow your business.
Maybe you are looking to for extra support in your business process.

If your focus is on personal goals such as weight, health, fitness and wellbeing. Maybe you are neurodiverse and ready to create change, this program is perfect for yo.
Work with Jacqui to break free from what is holding you back from achieving your goals, whether the are business or personal.
Weekly check ins, Fortnightly coaching, online strategies. 

Meet the instructor


Jacqui Grant

Trainer, Coach 
Jacqui has over 36 years experience in health and disability sector. Over 10 years of coaching.
Jacqui is qualified: nurse, coaching personal trainer, NDIS internal auditor and Consultant.
Passionate about seeing others have success.
Jacqui also understands neurodiversity, she is neurodiverse herself.
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