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Empowering Parents Membership is for parents of children who are neurodiverse. The goal of the membership is to support you, so you can support your child/ren.
Monthly Strategies and tips along with Monthly Group sessions via teams. 
Opportunity for support and networking.



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$40 per month or $440 upfront
Renewal every 12 months

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Regular tips and Strategies

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Know that you are not alone as a parent with a child who is neurodiverse.
We provide you with tips, strategies and support that you can consider for your self care and empowering you.
We provide monthly tips and strategies for you and around neurodiversity. 
Email reminders and Monthly group sessions via teams

Meet Jacqui 


Jacqui Grant

CEO, Coach, Neurodiverse

Jacqui has over 36 years experience in Health and Disability Sector.
Jacqui is also neurodiverse and has worked with families and children who are neurodiverse over those 36 years of experience.

Combine personal lived experience, qualifications and a passion for seeing others live an empowered life.

Best Selling Author of 5 books and author of 18 published books.

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