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We have short courses, 12 month programs and Memberships to help you to be the best you can be, to feel empowered in your personal and business life.

There is something for everyone who is ready to grow, and learn personally and professionally.

Our mission

Our mission is to Empower Individuals, Business' and Companies to be the best they can be.

To achieve their goals and continue to grow.
Whether you have come across us for your personal goals or business goals where are here to support you, with a programs, memberships and community.

For business's in the disability sector, we have programs of varying lengths, memberships and community to help you start and grow your business.

Corporate we have you covered also with our Wellbeing Membership and short programs to empower your staff.
Neurodiverse Inclusive
set up and support

We also support personal growth and development along with achieving success in creating change in your health, fitness and wellbeing through our programs and memberships

We can also take you through a training to upskill and be able help your clients who are neurodiverse to achieve their goals, along with supporting their support network.

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Training methods

We offer an exceptional experience with flexible learning paths and professional guidance.
12 Months access and support.

Drip feed courses

Scheduling of course content. You will receive emails when a new section opens.
This helps you to take on the information at a comfortable pace.

Discuss with others

Creating a community through memberships and our community section with specific groups that are are interest to you.
Memberships are 12 months with the option to renew

A thriving community

800 Clients and Counting

Break Free Programs for Disability business' are incredible. I have been working as a Sole Trader for 2 years, however completed the Build a Successful Disability program and learnt so much, since then my business has grown and I get to work in my business.
Highly recommend the program.
Melissa Tobin - Disability Support Worker
I have completed the Build a Successful Disability Business Program and then had coaching with Jacqui also.
I am so glad I invested in the time with Jacqui and the program, I learnt how to run my business properly. I also purchased my documents, policies and procedures through Jacqui, perfect for my business.
Love how you feel so confident after the program.
I see there is a combined program now with group coaching... I highly recommend that to anyone working in disability
Angela - Disability Business owner
I am loving Dream It, Believe It, Achieve it Program
I signed up to have support to lose weight and it so much more than that.
I am excited to be working with Jacqui. Having the online content, the check ins and then the coaching sessions is perfect. 

If you want to lose weight, have fun and learn to create positive habits for your overall health, then is this the program for you
Michael T 

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