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Boost your confidence, master the field of your own life, NDIS Disability Sector, Health, Neurodiversity and Coaching.

Connect and Grow Centre is about connecting you to the Right People, tools and Strategies at the right time.

You can 
 Learn to use all the related tools, to running your own business, working in the health, wellbeing, and NDIS- Disability sector.

The skills you need to become a real professional and thrive in your career in the Disability (NDIS) and Health Sector, expand your skills as a Coach, Support worker, Nurse, Allied Health Professional

NDIS business: Includes short courses, Connect and Grow Business Membership, Monthly Masterclass., Connect, Grow and Coach 12 month program

We have our Connect and Grow Magazine subscription also and events along with our newsletter, all in one place to make it easier for you to access these all under one login.

Many of our programs include discounts for documents, policies and procedures and some of them include them:

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Everything we offer requires a login access.

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Why choose us ?

We believe in you and are ready to support you and your business goals.
We are passionate about seeing others have success. 
We believe in empowering others to follow their dreams and goals in their business.
  • 36 Years in Health, Disability, Fitness and Wellbeing sectors
  • Extensive Experience in Coaching, Running a disability business and a Coaching business
  • Ready to keep you up to date in

Why Choose Our Programs


The programs are built around core concepts and practical tools. You’ll exchange experiences and ideas with other participants, and keep each other accountable through peer-group coaching.
Our tailored Coaching Program supports you to achieve your goals

Disability Business Courses and Memberships

Disability Business  Training Program provides a powerful roadmap for a successful need-based business. 
We take you on the journey from starting up, understanding NDIS and then growing your business.

NDIS Registration
- fully supported

Build a Successful Disability Business Ultimate Program

12 months of support with the online content and the monthly group masterclass'

Support Worker and Support Coordinator
Support Programs

Staff Training

We also have Short Courses and Memberships to support you and your business.

Personal Success

We understand that there are times when you would like to learn new skills, access new or more information for your own personal life of that of a loved one, such as Health, Fitness, Wellbeing, Neurodiversity.

We have bought together short course, programs, and memberships for you to join and take part in along with being part of our community.

We have also included Health, Fitness and Weight Management Programs  and Memberships for your personal goals

Coming soon is our Bariatric Surgery Success Program

6 Week Empowering Wellbeing Program 


Empowerment Practitioner Training

Empowerment Practitioner Training teaches you how to coach your clients to be empowered in their life.

We cover a variety of topics such as Neurodiversity, Bariatric Surgery, Overcoming Challenges all to help empower your clients.

12 month program with online learning and group coaching. that teaches you this modality that you can use with your clients

Upskilling coaches, allied health professionals and nurses

 All Our Programs


Where to start....

We have our Break Free VIP Membership for an annual fee we provide you with savings on ALL of our Courses, Programs and Membership we have available and be the first to know of our events and offered Early Bird Prices.

You can find all our Courses, Programs and Memberships here, they include short  45 minute short courses to 4 hour courses right though to 12 month programs, for those in the Disability Sector.

We also have our Empowerment Practitioner Training which is for those who are Coaches, Allied Health Professionals, Nurses and Support Workers would like to expand their skills when working with their clients, especially those who are not achieving their goals 

Some are suitable for Personal growth and Development also.

We do also have available in One to One Consultations/Coaching and staff in-services, events and one to one coaching. To learn more about that you can contact us.

We also have all the Documents, Policies and Procedures for those setting up their disability business, you can find them in our store:

We have an abundance of books and resources for personal journey in Health, Fitness, Wellbeing and Weight Management in our Break Free Consultancy Store

Resources and Events
We have a range of resources such as books, eBooks and Wellbeing bundles that are perfect gifts to your semvlef and outers
We also run in person and online events.
Information for our in person events can be found on our website

Our students love us

Build a successful disability business Ultimate Program is perfect for all stages of business.
I have an established business and found it incredible, with 12 months support  helped to be feel confident to grow my business.
The group sessions where we can ask questions is a great way to also share an experience and gain a different perspective.
If you are sole trader or a small company, sign up for the Ultimate Program, you will learn so much.

Alison S - WA Disability Business

Documentation and Health & Wellbeing short courses are great addition for me and my staff.
The way Jacqui teaches it and easy to understand implement to help my business be the best it can be. Highly recommend these short courses.
Perfect for CPD also and personal development

Thomas Symth - Support Worker Company

All in all this training was AMAZING!!! Empowerment practitioner Training helps you to understand neurodiversity, how to work with clients who struggle to achieve their goals. Learning this with 12 months support and to be able to practice the strategies in order to be competent is great.
I highly recommend this training for anyone who is ready to expand their skills. Jacqui's teaching is engaging, & knowledgeable. I will recommend this course to all sales professionals.
Alisha Peters - Edmonton CA

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All of our instructors are highly qualified professionals, widely acknowledged in their field.
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