6 Easy Steps to Weight Release

6 Easy steps to weight release is a great place to start on releasing excess weight and knowing where to start.

* You receive Best Selling book: 6 Easy steps to Weight release as an ebook, along with strategies and tools to empower you on your journey of weight release.
* Food and exercise guide included
* Strategies and tools to help you achieve your goals
For those who have had bariatric surgery there is information for success post surgery also.

Self Paced program that you work through yourself with weekly email reminders


Online Program

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3 Months




 6 weeks 


GST Included

Why should I take this course?

For your career

Personal brand

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Whether you want to boost your career within the company you are working or grow at your own business by applying the latest strategies we teach, this is the way.
You will learn how to put the ideas presented to you into action and build your own personal brand through content marketing.
We guarantee you an exceptional experience with flexible learning paths and professional guidance

Meet the instructor

Wesley Jordan

Sales Manager
Wesley Jordan is a Sales Manager and Business Consultant since 2002. He enjoys teaching all levels and all ages. He looks forward to sharing his love of building meaningful and effective content with all students to develop their marketing abilities.
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