Disability Business Success Resources Bundle

A comphrehensive bundle of strategies, tools, and more to help you with your business in the disability sector.

* Business set up and Growth strategies and tools
* Discounts on Documents, policies and procedures 
* Learn how to adapt and write your own documents policies and procedures
* Business compliance - what it is and why is it important
* NDIS Code of Conduct - Why its important
* Understand NDIS - the different services including STA, SIL, plan reviews, NDIS Plans, and the different roles within NDIS
* Duty of care, Risk and Incident Management 
* Invoicing - knowing what to invoice and what to do if not paid.
* Dealing with complaints
* Completing your documents including your service agreement
* Preparing for an Audit
* Ceasing/Withdrawing services
* Growing your business - advertising and networking

Downloadable Resources include:
* Service Agreement template,
*  Writing Policies and Procedures  Guide,
*eBook - Build a Successful Disability business

Content is a combination of written, dowloadables, videos and audio's


Online Resources 

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$199 includes GST 

Why access this bundle?


For your business

Personal brand

Learning paths

Access all the information you require to start and grow a business in the disability sector 
Learn how to run your business YOUR way and how to stand out 

We provide you with downloadable ebooks, written content, videos and audios for you to access.

Meet the instructor

Jacqui Grant

Business Coach, CEO of Break Free Consultancy
With over 36 years experience in Health and Disability, Jacqui was part of the development and roll out of NDIS and Myaged care. 

Jacqui has worked as a support coordinator, run a medium size NDIS registered business and has built her own business with success.

Studies include, Bachelor of Nursing, Dual Diploma in Business Compliance &  Quality Auditing,  NDIS internal auditing. ( also personal trainer)

Jacqui has lived experience of living with a disability - Autism, ADHD and permanent restrictions in left arm after a workplace injury. Also raising children who are autistic.

Author of 18 books - 10 times Amazon best seller.

Jacqui is also Editor and Chief of Connect and Grow Magazine, which is available in 42,000 stores around the world and helps business content with their ideal clients.

A business coach, event organiser and a person who connects business and clients together.
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