Introduction to Neurodivergence Masterclass

Introduction to Neurodiversity  Masterclass  is perfect for Coaches, Support Workers, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals to have an overview of what Neurodiversity is, the complexity of it and how to engage with a person you may know who is neurodiverse.
This is an introduction to neurodiverse.
You will also receive my eBook: Empowering Me as part of this masterclass.

Recording available afterwards, in here.


Online Masterclass with live session and resources

Starting date

13th July 2023 at 7pm EST

Additional information

Includes a copy of my eBook Empowering me: Understanding & Embracing ASD & ADHD




Masterclass 1 hour
Access to online content 2 months



Why should I attend this masterclass?


For your career


Learning paths

Learn about neurodiversity and its complexity so you can have more knowledge when working with someone who is neurodiverse

This masterclass may help you if you have someone in your life who is neurodiverse, understand them a little more.
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Meet the instructor


Jacqui Grant

Trainer, Coach and Neurodiverse

Jacqui Grant has over 36 years experience in health and disability
Jacqui is passionate about helping others to have success in their life including their business.
Neurodiversity has  been a huge part of Jacqui's life her entire life, being a neurodiverse person herself.
She has raised and worked with children who are neurodiverse and worked with adults who are neurodiverse.

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